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Private Lessons
Fun, Positive Dog Training in Wausau !
Contact us:1-715-870-2422
740 Grand Ave., Schofield, WI
Basic Dog offers in-home private lessons that cover a wide variety of behaviors and training issues. If you are wondering if you need private lessons, here are a few key questions to ask yourself:

* If you have one or two things you think you and your dog need work on but not a full 6 week class, then private lessons are for you.

*Most reactivity and aggression are based out of fear. If your dog is showing signs of or has reactivity/aggression issues, then it's time for a private consult and potentially private lessons to address the base of the problem. 

We develop private lessons to meet the needs and behaviors of your individual dog. We work with you to help you understand and work towards changing the undesirable behaviors. Each lesson works with 1-2 behaviors and the number of lessons required depends on each dog and family's individual needs. 

Each lesson is approximately 1 hour long. During that time, we will assess the dog and situation, develop a plan to change the unwanted behavior(s), and determine if the behavior(s) can be satisfactorily changed in one lesson or if more are necessary.

Rates for private lessons:
​ In-office lessons: $110 per lesson
 In-home lessons: $130/hour plus an additional $2.00 per mile for locations more than 10 miles from the Schofield training facility location. 
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