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                        Welcome to Basic Dog's

    Owner Trained Service Dog Academy!

        Disabled individuals in North Central Wisconsin  now have a professional,certified                             service dog training program right in their own back yard!

    The BDSDA will work closely with each individual human-canine team providing coaching, guidance,                 mentoring & support as you work to train your own custom, personal service dog.

                      To Qualify for Training with Basic Dog's Service Dog Academy (BDSDA):

                            *Owner-Trainers must hold the desire and commitment to train, attend classes and                                                         work with their own service dog under the guidance and training of the BDSDA instructors.

                             *Individuals must have a medically diagnosed disability

                             *The financial ability to independently pay the tuition fee and purchase service dog equipment                                 required for your classes and based on your unique abilities. The BDSDA will provide you with a                                 listing of quality, reputable suppliers for your required equipment for items we do not carry.

                              *Required to purchase your own large binder to keep your daily training logs, class                                                           hand outs, materials, notes and important documents to track your progress.

                               *Attendance: Classes are offered twice monthly. You are required to provide your own                                                    transportation to classes and to attend a minimum of one class per month to retain                                                        your active status. Missing more than 2 months  of classes without prior authorization will                                          result in expulsion of the BDSDA program without refund.

                               *At ALL TIMES, you are required to show respect and professionalism to your fellow                                                      human-dog team members, instructors, outside support staff and the BDSDA  trainers                                                  Failure to follow this protocol may result in your removal of the BDSDA  without refund.

                                *Agreement to comply at all times with Basic Dog's Service Dog Academy's terms,                                                             guidelines and policies.

                                * 1 year post graduation:  Each canine-handler team is required to return for public access                                              testing for recertification and a current canine health history review for a minimal fee.  
                                   The human-canine team will be recertified for a 3 year term unless other concerns or issues                                        become known.

                                                                    Tuition and Enrollment:

​The BDSDA has a one-time tuition requirement to enroll in our assisted owner-trainer service dog academy and is due in full, prior to the class start date.

The length of time from enrollment to certification is dependent upon the progress, dedication to training and abilities of the canine-human team. The speed at which each team meets the criteria and pass individual training levels is different for each canine-human team. Satisfactory completion of required testing at each level is required prior to moving up to the next level. Unless there are extenuating circumstances and based on the skill set requirements of each team, graduation from the program is typically 12-24 months in length.

Tuition: $2,500-  due in full prior to the start of the team's training.


              * Personalized training plan for each team to meet their specialized, individual goals.
              * The support and advocacy from a highly reputable, well known service dog organization.
              * A comprehensive behavioral and temperament assessment of your canine.
              * Two times monthly, training classes with highly experienced service dog training instructors.
​              * Specific skill set materials required to meet your individual team goals.
              * When ready, certification after successful completion of testing and passing public access testing.
              *Upon passing required testing, you will receive an official BDSDA laminated canine identification                 card certifying your status as a working service dog team.
              * Organization patches for your canines vest or harness upon passing of required testing.
              * Verbal Support for the life of the working service dog team

                                                            Canine Requirements:

                    * Prior to program acceptance, all canines must have documentation for the following:

                                                            Current on the following vaccinations: 
                                                                *  DHLPP  *  Rabies  *  Bordetella *

                                                * On flea/tick preventative
                                                * Spayed/neutered PRIOR to public access work

                       ***NOTE: Canines used for mobility services must provide elbow and hip certified clearances.

                                                               Additional Information:_____________________

***BDSDA  Training Methods:
            We are a positive reinforcement training program. You, as the owner trainer, will be guided in             the best, scientific methods to train your canine working partner. We will support you and             provide the necessary education, advice and assistance when required or requested.

** No canine to train:
            If you do not have a canine or your current canine does not pass the initial evaluation 
            for service work, we will happily refer you to reputable breeders meeting high standards for             health and temperament.  You are also able to research canines at shelters and breed rescues             and we will provide you the resources on how to select a prospective canine for service work.             We do NOT select or temperament test canines for individual clients. 

** Length of training:
            When training a Owner-Trained service dogs, there are many factors in the highly             individualized process that determine the length of time to complete and the success of                        certification of a working service canine. 

​** Tuition:
            Tuition is due prior to the 1st class. We can suggest fundraising campaign ideas that the             individual can initiate on their own. BDSDA does NOT fundraise for clients.

** Live Far Away:
            Our program requires a minimum of attending 1 on site training class per month. If you are             unable to meet this requirement, then we may be able to refer to you another potential trainer             in your service area.

​** Guarantee:
            Training is as individual as the canine and human team. BDSDA provides the professional,             experienced guidance for you and your canine in your owner-assisted service dog training. 
            Success is a product of their personal environment, time, dedication and abilities of both.  

        ***** There are NO guarantees that your canine will pass public access test and certified as a                            working service canine. 

Contact us: 1-715-870-2422
740 Grand Ave., Schofield, WI
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